Thai Beef Salad

Thai Beef Salad-

For the past few days I’ve been finding new ways to cook without a stove. This is not by choice, our stove decided to break midway through dinner the other day. Thankfully we had already budgeted for a kitchen renovation and new appliances, but it’s going to take a couple months to get everything done. […]

Gang Jued Woon Sen

Gang Jued Woon Sen-

Gang Jued Woon Sen is a Thai clear noodle soup. There are different variations of the soup, but this is how I ate it growing up. This soup is typically served with a very spicy dish, since it has a very mild flavor. Acting as a palate cleanse to cool from the spice. Some variations […]

Tom Kha Gai

Tom Kha Gai-

Happy New Year! And cheers to my first post for 2017! We had a wonderful Holiday break filled with family, love, and lots of delicious food. Now we’re slowly getting back to our routine and meal planning. When I was coming up with recipe ideas, I remembered one of our last meals in Bangkok. It […]

Baked Chile Relleno

Baked Chili Relleno

Continuing with our eat good food, but healthier diet,  we came up with an idea to make baked Chili Rellenos. If you’ve had traditional Chile Rellenos then you know they are dipped in an egg batter and deep fried to a delicious golden, cheesy goodness.  I love a traditional Chile Relleno, but since we’re trying […]



Albondigas translate to meatballs and typically refers to a popular Mexican Meatball soup. This is a common dish in Mexico and every family has their own variation of this recipe. My husband grew up eating this soup and my mother in law made the meatballs with vegetables inside. When you have picky eaters, this method […]